Home Loan

What is Home Loan?

Home loan quickens your dream of owning a property today. You can either choose to take from a bank or a non-banking housing finance company (NBFC). Over the years, they have upgraded to include facilities such as low EMI, online sanction, quick disbursement, no repayment charges and doorstep service. R Sandesh Group has tie-up with most of the home loan providers that you can compare from the links below.

What are the types of home loan?

Fixed Rate of Interest: The interest value won’t fluctuate as per market and will remain fixed till the end of the loan tenure. The disadvantage is that you won’t be able to take benefit of reduced rate of interest in case of changes in the market rate.

Floating Rate of Interest: Recently most banks have moved to external-benchmark linked floating rate of interest. The advantage is that the end consumers can get immediate benefit of any rate cut announced quarterly by RBI. The down side being, any increase in the rate will also be applied.

How can you obtain a home loan?

STEP 1: Check your eligibility criteria and CIBIL score from the links below to determine the amount of the loan you are eligible to receive for the property. Our team of associates will guide you through the process.

STEP 2: You can receive upto 100% financing for constructed properties such as apartments, row-houses, independent bungalows and commercial spaces. Whereas NMRDA sanctioned plots are eligible for upto 80% funding only. Evaluate your monthly loan installment amount using the EMI calculator link below and also review the complete list of personal and property documents required.
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